Welcome to CRAMSE!

The impacts associated with slow onset processes (e.g. sea level rise, desertification) and extreme weather events (e.g. floods, cyclones, heatwaves) are incresasing in frequency and intensity, resulting in growing climate-related risks. This highlights the urgent need for Climate Risk Assessments (CRA) which help to identify solutions for an effective management of risks.


A plethora of CRA methods have been developed until now. However, not every method fits for every context. The here presented CRA-Method Search Engine “CRAMSE” aims to support practicioners in identifying methods that fit best for their specific interests. It was developed by the BMZ commissioned GIZ “Global Programme on Risk Assessment and Management for Adaptation to Climate Change (Loss and Damage)” and builds on a database encompassing more than 120 CRA methods. A wide range of filters, including hazards considered, economic sectors covered or the inclusion of non-economic Loss and Damage (NELD) can be applied.


We hope that CRAMSE supports you to use available resources in the most effective way for fostering resilience and managing climate impacts around the world!