Caliza 3.0


General Information:

Author: Climate Risk Analysis

Year of publication: 2014

Available languages: English

Details of Assessment:

Type of assessment: Post-disaster risk assessment

Details: Analysis and risk estimation of extreme events

Format of assessment: Software

Estimated costs for conducting: The nominal list price of the software is 900 EUR (plus VAT)

Estimated duration of assessment: No information

To be carried out by whom: Private individuals and firms

Institutional scale of use: No information

Assesment to be used by which target audience: No information

Output: Report

Details: Interactive graphs


Coverage & Methodology:

Region of origin: Europe

Developed by which sector: Private sector

Applied in practice: Yes

Geographic coverage in analysis: Europe

Potential geographic coverage: Worldwide

Sectors covered: Not sector specific

Details: Several customized sectors

Method used: Quantitative model

Description of methodology: Analyzation of time-series by: extraction of time intervals of interest; robust detection of extreme events; separation of events into magnitude classes for detailed analysis; test for nonstationarity and estimation of time-dependent risk; performance of bootstrap simulations for confidence band construction

Risk framework used: No explicit use of risk framework

Risk components incorporated: Risk

Hazards and impacts considered in the assessment: All hazards

Details: Customised hazard consideration (eg: extreme events, flood, drought, heatwave)

Source of required data: Secondary (available data is used)

Details: Caliza can process three types of data: Ordinary: a times series (time and measured value) where the value of the climate variable is affected by both extreme events and background influence; Extreme: a time series consisting only of extremes; Extreme series: a series with just the date of an extreme known (e.g. hurricane date)

Temporal scale: Forward looking

Participatory elements: No

Consideration of interconnectedness and -dependencies of risks: No

Adressing uncertainty: No information

Scope of assessment: Identification of risks

Details: Risk estimation of extreme events

Relevance for losses and damages:

Economic/Non-Economic losses incorporated: No information

Applicability for entire risk spectrum (from extreme weather events to slow onset processes): No


Recommendations for Adaptation measures included in Climate Risk Assessment: No information

Usefulness for political purposes: The role of Caliza™ and its predecessor, XTREND, in the study of climate risk, has been frequently noted in professional journals which have a high impact on the climate change industry

Applied by whom: Mudelsee, M. et al.

Open access: Only methodology of the digital tool is open access