CEDRIG Strategic


General Information:

Author: Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC)

Year of publication: 2009

Available languages: English

Details of Assessment:

Type of assessment: Comprehensive impact and risk assessment

Format of assessment: Guideline

Estimated costs for conducting: Low

Estimated duration of assessment: 1 day

To be carried out by whom: Multiple actors

Details: Development organisations and humanitarian actors - responsible staff and selected partners. Support by external consultant is recommended

Institutional scale of use: Multiple (see details)

Details: Strategic level in development organizations

Assesment to be used by which target audience: Multiple actors

Details: Development organizations and humanitarian actors

Output: Report


Coverage & Methodology:

Region of origin: Europe

Developed by which sector: Development cooperation

Applied in practice: No information

Geographic coverage in analysis: Worldwide

Potential geographic coverage: Worldwide

Sectors covered: Humanitarian sector, Not sector specific

Method used: Other (see details)

Description of methodology: The first step is to conduct a comprehensive context assessment (hazards, official policies and strategies addressing climate change and DRR, map actors and stakeholders). Second step is to qualitatively estimate consequences, vulnerabilities, likelihood and based on this identify risk through a risk matrix. Additionally risks to be treated and measures should be identified

Risk framework used: Broad risk mapping according to different definition

Risk components incorporated: Hazard, likelihood, consequences, vulnerability, risk

Hazards and impacts considered in the assessment: Changing precipitation patterns, Changing temperature patterns, Loss of biodiversity, Extreme temperatures, Extreme rainfall, Drought, Flood, Wildfire

Source of required data: Secondary (available data is used)

Details: Data for qualitative context analysis: policy documents, relevant development interventions. Sources for hazard identification provided

Temporal scale: Forward looking

Participatory elements: Yes

Details: Should be conducted in a workshop setting

Consideration of interconnectedness and -dependencies of risks: No

Adressing uncertainty: No

Scope of assessment: Identification of risks, assessment of impacts, identification of adaptation options

Relevance for losses and damages:

Economic/Non-Economic losses incorporated: Both

Applicability for entire risk spectrum (from extreme weather events to slow onset processes): Yes


Recommendations for Adaptation measures included in Climate Risk Assessment: Yes

Applied by whom: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Open access: Yes