Mozambique – Integrated Context Analysis


General Information:

Author: World Food Programme (WFP)

Year of publication: 2017

Available languages: English

Details of Assessment:

Type of assessment: Not specified

Details: Integrated Context Analysis (ICA) is an analytical process that contributes to the identification of broad national programmatic strategies, including resilience building, disaster risk reduction, and social protection for the most vulnerable and food insecure populations

Format of assessment: Web tool

Details: Report

Estimated costs for conducting: No information

Estimated duration of assessment: No information

To be carried out by whom: Multiple actors

Details: WFP, Consultants

Institutional scale of use: National

Assesment to be used by which target audience: State level decision makers

Output: Report


Coverage & Methodology:

Region of origin: Europe

Developed by which sector: Development cooperation

Applied in practice: Yes

Geographic coverage in analysis: Africa

Potential geographic coverage: Mozambique

Sectors covered: Biodiversity, Health sector, Humanitarian sector, Livelihood sector

Details: Food security, Land degradation, Nutrition

Method used: Mixed method approach

Description of methodology: Quantitative assessments specific for each sector

Risk framework used: No explicit use of risk framework

Hazards and impacts considered in the assessment: Cyclone (including tropical storm, hurricane and typhoon), Drought, Flood

Details: Mainly data on food security and natural shocks

Participatory elements: No

Consideration of interconnectedness and -dependencies of risks: No information

Adressing uncertainty: No information

Scope of assessment: Identification of risks, assessment of impacts

Relevance for losses and damages:

Economic/Non-Economic losses incorporated: None

Details: The analysis brings together the historical risk of natural shocks (floods, droughts and cyclones) and the recurrence of high food insecurity, no estimation of losses

Applicability for entire risk spectrum (from extreme weather events to slow onset processes): Yes


Recommendations for Adaptation measures included in Climate Risk Assessment: No

Usefulness for political purposes: Climate funds

Applied by whom: World Food Programe (WFP)

Open access: Yes