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Year of publication: 2014

Organisation/author(s): Risk Management Solution Inc. (founded at Stanford University)

Year of publication: 2014

Organisation/author(s): Climate Risk Analysis

Year of publication: 2014

Organisation/author(s): Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL), Environmental Projects Ltd., Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research (CSPR), Regional Council of Central Finland, Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre (SEIT)


Climate hazard(s) considered in the assessment: Which climate hazard or multiple hazards were considered in the risk assessment?

Sectors covered: Which economic sectors did the risk assessment cover?

Geographic coverage in analysis: In which continent, region or country was the risk assessment conducted?

Source of required data: Does the risk assessment require primary data and local collection of data or does it rely on secondary sources?

Region of origin: In which region was the risk assessment developed?

Participatory elements: Does the risk assessment include participatory elements such as stakeholder participation, focus group workshops etc.?

Economic/non-economic losses incorporated: Does the risk assessment also consider non-financial and non-tradeable losses. These kind of losses may impact individuals (e.g. loss of life, health, mobility), society (e.g. loss of territory, cultural heritage, indigenous or local knowledge, societal or cultural identity) or the environment (e.g. loss of biodiversity, ecosystem services).

Applicability for entire spectrum of climate-related hazards and impacts (from Extreme Weather Events to Slow Onset Processes): Indicates whether the risk assessment is not only applicable to Extreme Weather Events (such as cyclone, storm surge, flooding or heatwaves) but also to Slow Onset Processes (such as sea level rise, desertification or glacial and permafrost retreat)

Recommendations for adaptation measures included in Climate Risk Assessment: Does the assessment identify or recommend options for adaptation measures to climate risks?